Considering To Buy A Degree? 

Are you questioning whether you should just buy your degree to increase your pay grade or get a job that you have the skill for, but yet to have an accredited qualification? Read more below..

Scenario 1


You have been working as an account clerk for the past five years. You have been denied promotions a few times only because you have no appropriate paper qualifications. Someone else got the promotions over you even though you know you've been doing the best work you could be doing. Is buying our accredited degrees a wise choice?

Yes. Only if you plan on moving to a new company. Your new university degree, together with your skills acquired over years of experience, you can easily convince any employers of your worth.

No. If you plan to stay with the same employer.

Why? You have been sitting on the same desk for years and all of sudden you make an announcement you were actually a degree holder. It is plain stupid.

Scenario 2

win race

You are a good engineer. You have achieved a lot in your industry. You probably want more. A doctorate degree with the title Dr. in front of your name would be good for your reputations. You earn your Bachelor degree years ago. Returning to school is not really an option. Weekend classes is burdensome. Writing doctorate thesis is not easy; it takes a lot of efforts and sacrifices although you are the master of the subject matters.

Completing a doctorate of philosophy, (carrying out research and publishing a PHD thesis which contributes to the sum of human knowledge), allows the institution to confer the title of Doctor upon you.

Is buying our accredited doctorate degrees a wise choice?

Yes, only if you are truly the subject matter expert in the field. Adding the title Dr. in front of your name won’t be questionable. You can even go public.

No, if you plan to join any reputable academic institutions as a fellow researcher or to get Proffesorship. Most Univerity would require your PhD thesis. If you can’t provide one, then the whole arrangement would not work. However some small academic institutions won’t bother to ask for your PhD thesis.

*we can provide some good hardcopy of Master and Doctorate thesis/dissertation for a small price from our database. We can have it printed with your name instead.

Scenario 3

professional degree

You have never attended any college or university. You have been working as a low level employee for quite sometimes. However years of working experience has taught you a lot about the real world business. You know how to deal with people, managing business and so many other things that any young fresh graduates lack.

A paper qualification like a business degree will definitely help you in your career.

Scenario 4


It is very difficult for you to earn modest and fair income in your country. You have heard the success stories from your families, friends and others who went abroad to pursue their career. You do have the skills and expertise in certain fields, however you do not have the proper academic qualification for you to be eligible to apply for the work permit abroad.

Is buying our accredited degrees a wise choice?

No. We do not encourage our clients using questionable degrees for migration to other countries. Of course we are not discussing about the issue of legality here. Please bear in mind that certain countries have set a tight and strict guideline in scrutinising the skilled professional immigrants. You might pass the test in one country but fail the assessment in another country. There is no guarantee you can pass through the assessment by any agencies hired by the government to check the authenticity of your academic qualifications and work experiences. *

Yes, provided that you have already a migrant in the country of your choice. Which means, you have already reside in the country where you intent to work. The academic degrees will be a good help for you to be able to find better jobs. If you really have the right skills and experiences then having the degrees will definitely help.

*However, we have helped numerous numbers of people achieving their dreams. Talk to us and we will see how we can accommodate your request.

Scenario 5

ladder to success

You are a school/university drop out. You have completed your university first year, but have to withdraw due to financial constraints. Many students nowadays are faced with the realisation that paying for college has become worth more than some people's yearly salaries. The rise of inflation, the budget crisis and annual increases are some of the reasons that university has become financially unattainable for some individuals. We do understand that, it is not your choice to leave the course halfway.

Is buying our accredited degrees a wise choice?

Yes, if you are willing to fork out a modest amount of fee which we guaratee is about one third of standard university yearly fees.

Yes, if you think you are capable of holding the degree in the field you have studied previously.

Scenario 6


You are a successful entrepreneur. You have been running your business for years. Now it is time to enjoy the fruit of your hardwork. You have everything, luxuries and lot of expensive “toys”.

What you are lacking is only paper qualification for show off purposes.

Is buying our accredited degrees a wise choice?

It very much depends on your purpose. If your purpose is only to hang the certificate on your office wall as part of your achievement, please do so. As an employer, you are not subject to any details scrutinisation made by any human resource department. You can always boost to your peers of your business achievement as well as your success in the intellectual world. It would be a good ego booster. Nobody would question a smart PhD holder rich businessman.


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University degrees are overrated You already have a bachelor degree. A post graduate qualification like Masters, MBA or PhD can really boost your resume The only thing standing between your dream job and your current job is only a paper qualification. University degrees are expensive and take years to complete.

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